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Vladimir Ekimov
2008-01-17 21:09:43 UTC
Hello All
Чуваки, Бискуп пpоснулся :)

Hа www.adom.de в новостной ленте написано буквально следущее :

----------------------------------куть хеpе--------------------------------
Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a great 2008! (12/27/2007, 10:35)

Hello everyone!

2007 - the year of silence - is coming to an end. As promised in many emails
there are quite a number of plans for 2008, among them:

* A redesign of the complete website (under way, I plan to use Drupal for
the redesigned website, http://www.drupal.org; the old content will migrate
piece by piece)
* Regular website updates through a blog - I hope to preserve enough time
to write at least once per week
* The release of JADE Version 0.1 (under way, but will still take a couple
of months I guess; keep your fingers crossed that I might receive a free
license for IntelliJ - my new preferred Java IDE, see http://www.intellij.com,
though JADE might have been too long without obvious life signs to qualify)
* The release of at least one bug fix release for ADOM (not even started).

So let's see how much I will manage to do... 2008 definitely is the JADE year
on my list.

Anyway - all the best to all fans of ADOM (and JADE) out there who keep up
their support despite no releases in a long time. You are the best!
----------------------------------куть хеpе--------------------------------

С уважением, Владимиp
Eugene Kravchenko
2008-01-18 08:04:24 UTC
Fri Jan 18 2008 00:09, Vladimir Ekimov wrote to All:

VE> Чуваки, Бискуп пpоснулся :)

И не только он, судя по всему - Колтырин это неделю назад в ргр.клабе
постил... ;)


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